One month behind bars for Andrei Hrebenciuc and Paltin Sturdza

After spending 24 hours in jail, Andrei Hrebenciuc (photo) and Paltin Sturdza have been preventively arrested on Friday morning in the illegal retrocessions’ file. Thus, the Supreme Court has approved the prosecutors’ request and emitted for the two warrants for 30 days preventive arrest.

Andrei Hrebenciuc is charged with constituting an organized criminal group, complicity in influence peddling and money laundering. As for Sturdza, he is accused of constituting an organized criminal group, influence purchase and instigation at abuse of office with truly serious consequences.

After his son’s arrest, while in Brasov, Hrebenciuc Senior stated that the illegal retrocessions’ file is “a mess”, claiming at the same time that “compensations or illegal retrocessions are out of question since there is no retrocession” and “no prejudice”.

On the topic of the other file where Hrebenciuc was prosecuted, Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc said that he was not contacted neither by Hrebenciuc nor Dan Sova about any law’s revision. “I now cannot prevent people from talking about the Minister of Justice. Everyone is free to do so. There is nothing I can do but to take note that certain persons talk about the minister in better or worse terms,” said Robert Cazanciuc, in reference to the issueinformation that his name was invoked in a discussion between Sova and Hrebenciuc which was intercepted by the investigators and shown in the file in which the two MPs are prosecuted.

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