Over EUR 58,000 stolen from a German citizen’s jacket in a casino in Bucharest

A German citizen who was playing at a casino on Calea Victoriei in Bucharest lost 58,000 euros, which were stolen from his jacket pockets left on a chair. The Capital Police announced on Thursday that the suspects are a man and a woman, and they are being taken for questioning.

The Capital Police announced through a press release that on Thursday the home of two people from Galati suspected of aggravated theft were searched.

According to the cited source, on May 11, taking advantage of the victim’s inattention, a man and a woman allegedly stole 58,000 euros from a coat left unattended on the back of a chair, in the premises of a casino in Sector 1 of the Capital. The two suspects will be taken for questioning.

Judicial sources told mass media that the theft took place in a casino on Calea Victoriei, and the victim is a German citizen who was playing at “pačanele”. He would have moved to another machine and left his jacket in which he had the money – 58,000 euros – on a chair. In his place, on the chair, the woman sat down, next to her concubine, they took the money from the coat and left.

According to the same judicial sources, the two suspects managed to buy jewelry with that money, deposited 10,000 euros in the bank and intended to buy an apartment in Galati these days.

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