PG retorts to Interior Minister’s accusations on intimidating the Gendarmerie: The investigation on the August 10 rally is impartial. CSM also takes stand

Romania’s Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar has stated that prosecutors are conducting an impartial investigation on the Gendarmerie’s intervention during the Diaspora rally on August 10. His statements came after Interior minister accused that the file against the Gendarmerie represents an attempt to intimidate the institution.

In a press release, the Prosecutor General says that the prosecutors of the Military Prosecutor’s Office are conducting an impartial investigation, which „is independent of any external interference”. Lazar also assured that the prosecutors who are working on this case are “professional and they have all the resources at hand to clarify the facts and to solve the cases in a reasonable time, with respecting the principles of legality, benefit of doubt and finding the truth.”

Interior minister Carmen Dan has stated also on Monday that the prosecution of the Gendarmerie heads in the file on the violence of August 10 protest is „an intimidation attempt against a fundamental state institution, the Romanian Gendarmerie”, while accusing President Klaus Iohannis that he „is assigning tasks to the Prosecutor General”.

CSM: Interior minister’s statements affect the prestige of the judiciary

The section for prosecutors within the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) has retorted that the Interior Minister’s statements are accrediting the idea that prosecutors are working illegally, adding they are affecting the prestige of the judiciary in Romania.

The CSM also warns that such allegations are casting doubt on the activity and the credibility of the Public Ministry, while calling on a balanced and responsible public message.

Dragnea: PSD decided that institutions had acted correctly and legally during Diaspora rally

PSD Standing Bureau has decided that the state institutions had had a correct and legal intervention  during the August 10 meeting in Victoriei Square, said Liviu Dragnea.

We decided that state institutions had acted correctly and legally during the unauthorized meeting on August 10 (…) against some violent actions coming from some participants,” PSD chairman argued.

Dragnea also endorsed the idea that the prosecutors are intimidating the Gendarmerie. He ironically commented that the General Prosecutor’s Office might be notified over #rezist movement in 20 years, stating that “for the time being prosecutors are preoccupied with intimidating the Gendarmerie”.

Dragnea’s comment comes after earlier on Monday, Adrian Ţuţuianu, vice-president of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) had asked prosecutors to check the financing sources of the #rezist movement, also adding that prosecutors should also investigate if the members of the movement are dealing drugs.

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