Police officer indicted for killing a 13yo girl on the crosswalk in Bucharest

A policeman who fatally injured a 13-year-old girl on the pedestrian crossing on Thursday was indicted for manslaughter and he is investigated under judicial control.

“On January 13, 2022, the suspect, a police officer in the General Directorate of Police of the Municipality of Bucharest, the 15th Police Station, while driving a police car on a boulevard in District 1, when at a pedestrian crossing, due to non-compliance with the maximum speed limit allowed in localities, did not yield priority to the victim and injured her, causing traumatic injuries, which led to the immediate death of the victim,” prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office upon District 1 Court announced.

Another 11yo girl was injured in the same accident, she is currently in stable condition at the hospital where she underwent surgery. The two girls were allegedly going to school and were on the crosswalk when the police car hit them, throwing them meters away.

The investigation might be extended by other charges, too, after prosecutors had established that the police agent was on no mission, although he was driving through the city with a speed of over 80kmph and with the light signals on, but the acoustic signed out.

The press office of the Bucharest Police reported on Friday that the policeman had obtained his driving license in Romania in 2012 and exchanged it in 2016 in the UK, being valid on the basis of reciprocity with the European Union.

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