President Iohannis attending the CSM sitting to elect new leadership: “The damage done must be yet repaired asap”

President Klaus Iohannis has attended the sitting of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) today that will elect a new leadership for 2020 and to debate the activity report for the current year.

The President has talked in his speech about the attack of the politics against judiciary, about the tensions within CSM, but also about the need of mending the justice laws and of implementing the CVM recommendations, but also the ones made by GRECO and the Venice Commission.

Asked by judge Gabriela Baltag about he involvement of the intelligence services in the justice, Iohannis replied: “That stage with the protocols ended a long time ago and I will watch that it never comes back. And that time when politicians running over the justice is also gone. I can guarantee it won’t happen again. But for it to happen all actors involved must fully assume the role and responsibility for their part. I believe in a normal Romania where judges make a fair judgement, where judiciary is doing its job without being commented and where politicians are not trying to lead judges and where judges are not meeting politicians”.

“I have acted as a firm supporter of justice and of the anti-corruption fight. The damage done must be yet repaired as soon as possible. Internal egos, tensions must take a backseat. CSM’s tools become efficient only when there are a wide consensus and a real endorsement behind decisions,” he added.

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