A prosecutor, two policemen under indictment in the Caracal case

Prosecutor Cristian Popescu, who waited for several hours before giving policemen the consent to break into Gheorghe Dincă‘s house, the murderer from Caracal, has been prosecuted for abuse of office on Tuesday. He is accused of slow intervention in the case of teenager Alexandra Măceșanu, kidnapped this summer and allegedly killed by Gheorghe Dincă.

Cristian Popescu, who worked at the Prosecutor Office’s upon Caracal Court, has been also suspended from magistracy by the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), after delaying the policemen’s intervention. He waited until 6 a.m. before giving his consent to the police to enter Gheorghe Dincă‘s place.

Three police officers have been also heard in the Caracal case and have been also prosecuted: Violeta Mirea, Vasile Marian and Eugen Țenea.

Vasile Marian, police chief in Dobrosloveni, is the first policeman who talked to Ion Măceșanu, Alexandra’s father, who went to the police on July 24 at 20:30hrs to announce his daughter is missing. The police agent told the father to go back home and to come to the police the next day if the girl is still missing.

Vasile Marian informed his boss Violeta Mirea, the chief of the Police Station 2 in Osica de Sus, but the first actions were taken on July 25, at 08:30hrs. The procedure compelled the policeman to go to the house of the missing person and to determine her disappearance, then to start the investigation immediately.

Eugen Tenea is the police agent who wrote down the phone number of Alexandra’s parents on the night of July 24, but, despite the fact he had written down the phone number in his notebook he did not carry out any inquiry.

Violeta Mirea is the wife of former Caracal police chief, Nicolae Mirea. Both of them were sacked after the Caracal case and they filed for for retirement in August, although they were in their 50s.

While Violeta Mirea refused to make any statements, Vasile Marian told journalists that he is not a policeman anymore and that he had done nothing wrong in this case. “Investigators are entitled to determine if we did wrong or not. Yes, more could be done to save Alexandra”, he stated.

We are sorry for the girl“, said Eugen Ţenea in his turn.

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