Record catch at Bechet customs: Truck with a million pills included in the list of dangerous drugs

A truck full of drugs with a substance on the list of dangerous drugs was stopped at the Bechet customs office. The Border Police states that it is a record catch, the market value being estimated at over 3 million euros.

The border policemen from Bechet, Dolj county, discovered, in a truck loaded with sunflower seeds, several boxes of medicines containing 1,186,785 tablets with the active substance alprazolam, which is on the list of illegal drugs. The truck was driven by a Bulgarian citizen, who was arrested for 30 days for high-risk drug trafficking. The investigation is coordinated by DIICOT Craiova prosecutors.

This is the largest seizure of drugs containing an active substance in the category of high-risk drugs, the market value being estimated at over 3 million euros, reports the Border Police.

The truck was stopped at Bechet two days ago at 6.50 am.

According to the accompanying documents, the driver was transporting sunflower seeds and hydraulic cylinders and was destined for Sweden. In the cargo compartment of the vehicle, in addition to the transported cargo, several boxes of medicines were discovered.

After a thorough check, it was established that the respective packages contained 79,119 blisters with 1,186,785 tablets, which had as active substance Alprazolam, a substance found in Table No. 3 of Law 143/2000 on the prevention and combating of illicit drug trafficking and consumption.

The entire quantity of drugs was sent for expertise to the specialized laboratory, the result being positive. In the case, investigations are being carried out for the introduction or removal from the country, as well as the import or export of dangerous drugs, without a right.

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