Romanian migrant on remand for allegedly mobbing a woman in Cologne’s railway station

A Romanian migrant was detained y the German Police for allegedly mobbing a tourist in the Central Railway Station in Cologne, Germany, Express reports. Hundreds of women have been sexually aggressed at the same railway station on New Year’s Eve.

The 23yo tourist claimed that she had been approached by a man in Zone A of the railway station on Sunday night. She said the aggressor had touched her genital parts. She addressed the Police department within the railway station.

The Police detained a 39-year-old Romanian migrant, who was drunk.

They accused him of sexual assault, but he denied charges.

Hundreds of women reported they had been sexually aggressed by several men in this location on New Year’s Eve. As similar incidents have been reported in other German cities as well, the authorities have been slammed for the tolerance shown for the non-EU immigrants, who had reportedly committed these aggressions.

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