Romanian Police chief confirms encounter with members of interloper gang, says it was a legal action

The chief of the Romanian Police, Liviu Vasilescu, has confirmed the encounter he had with members of the Duduianu interloper gang before the funeral of the former leader of the crime gang in Bucharest, but claimed it had been a legal action of the Romanian Police.

“I have not negotiated the safety of the citizens“, Vasilescu said in a press conference on Thursday, after President Klaus Iohannis had asked the Police chiefs and the Interior Ministry to “provide public explanations” about the footage recently disclosed by the mass media featuring a night meeting between some Police chiefs and the leaders of Duduianu gang.

“It was a legal action that targeted the safety of the citizen. Although it had been disputed,  the action was a success, as there were not many people in the street (editor note: at the funeral of Emi Pian, the leader of Duduianu clan, recently murdered by a member of a rival group). For me, the health of the people has weighed a lot than the fact that the action might have been misinterpreted,” the Romanian Police chief stated.

We, policemen, have to deal with outlaws. The first weapons are prevention, dialogue and not the gun directly. We have never negotiated the safety of the citizen and the dignity of the policeman“, he added.

In his turn, the secretary of state in the Interior Ministry, Bogdan Despescu explained that the recent events in Bucharest involving the Duduianu case had been permanently monitored by more departments of the ministry. “There were information pointing that 3,000 people were expected at the funeral of August 9. This could have led to spreading the coronavirus and to escalating violence”, Despescu argued.

lorin Mototolea, aka Emi Pian, the leader of Duduianu clan in Bucharest died in early August at the University Hospital where he had arrived with serious injuries caused by a row in Giulesti Sarbi district in the Capital. The clan leader was allegedly killed in the Mafia style by the members of a rival criminal group.

The main suspect in the murder, Gheorghe Richard Emanuel, member of Rinu gang, was arrested.

Emi Pian’s body was held in his family’s home for a week, while hundreds of people attended the wake with breaking all sanitary rules in force at that time, while policemen used to monitor the situation from the street instead of applying fines.

After that, Elvis Pian, Emi Pian’s brother claimed he had a meeting on the night of August 8 to August 9 in a church in Bucharest with the head of the Romanian Police, Liviu Vasilescu, with the chief of district 5 Police,  Cătălin Păştin, and with the chief of Bucharest Police, Bogdan Berechet, to negotiate the conditions for the funeral. Later on, Adevărul daily has released photos taken on the meeting that night.

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  • Robin

    Organized crime syndicates have always had the Police on their payroll, it is a common trait within a corrupt judicial system in many parts of the world. Police are on the take and so are the politichians