Romanian Police Chief resigns amid scandal on interloper’s funeral

Liviu Vasilescu has announced today that he is stepping down from the helm of the Romanian Police, after the scandal of interloper Emi Pian’s funeral, denouncing a concerted media attack against the Romanian Police as an institution.

Last week, Liviu Vasilescu held a press statement to confirm the encounter he had with members of the Duduianu interloper gang before the funeral of the former leader of the crime gang in Bucharest, but claimed it had been a legal action of the Romanian Police. However, instead of calming things down, his statements stirred further backlash.

Both as commanding officer and also as manager I did by job honourably and in good faith, the professional integrity being the principle that guided me throughout my career. I have noticed lately a concerted media attack against the Interior Ministry and against the Romanian Police at a time when the country needs peace and combined efforts to protect citizens. I have always assumed my responsibilities.

So, please allow me to step down from the position of general inspector of the Romanian Police, to remain a simple police officer and to carry out the tasks I will receive”, Liviu Vasilescu told a press conference at MAI’s HQ on Tuesday.

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