Romanian rapper Cheloo taken for hearings in a drug trafficking case

The vocalist of the Romanian rap band “Parazitii“, Catalin Stefan Ion, aka Cheloo, was seized by investigators on Wednesday morning and taken for hearings at the Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) Ploiesti in a drug trafficking file. He is to be investigated under legal restrictions pending trial.

Before entering the hearings, Cheloo told journalists that he came here “for a walk”. Asked if they used to take drugs at the parties he held, the rapper refused to answer. Also questionned if he has anything to reproach to himself, he answered that he “has a lot” to reproach to himself. When a journalist told him that he is smiling though, Cheloo said that “he feels like a wolf when he sees so many sheep around him.”

Ten searches have been conducted in this case in Prahova and Bucharest, while 90 people are to be taken for hearings, among whom there are drug traffickers and consumers. Ten of them are suspects in the file, while the rest are consumers.

Judicial sources told local news agencies that rapper Cheloo is suspected of drug consumption, as investigators found a small quantity of cannabis at his place.

The sources say that the file investigates the trafficking of high-risk drugs in Prahova county and Bucharest, within a criminal action started in 2015.

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