Romania’s Most Dangerous Inmate Transferred Between Prisons

The most dangerous prisoner in Romania was moved from the penitentiary in Arad to the one in Craiova. It is the fourth prison in which Konstantinos Passaris ends up since his conviction, 21 years ago. The moves are needed because the man manipulates other inmates into positions of power, people in the system say.
Passaris was sentenced to life for killing two people in Romania, but also committed several crimes in his native Greece.
In November 2001, Kostas Passaris, known as the “Beast of the Balkans”, terrified Romania when he killed a cashier and a security guard at a currency exchange office in Bucharest. He was caught by the Romanian police, and in 2003 he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Since then, Passaris has been through several maximum security prisons. The reason: the considerable influence he can have over other inmates.
“He must be moved from penitentiary to penitentiary because he influences the leaders of the clans in the penitentiaries, in the sense that he can manipulate them to his advantage. He may attack fellow police officers. Before arriving in Arad, and now in Craiova, Konstantinos Passaris was also imprisoned in Gherla and Rahova penitentiaries”, explained Cosmin Dorobanțu, president of the Federation of Trade Unions from the National Administration of Penitentiaries.
Passaris is also supervised 24 hours a day, and when he is taken out for a walk, it is under extremely strict conditions.
Increased security measures will be provided in Craiova as well. They are complementary measures to reduce the risk of an escape, riot, critical incidents. Passaris greatly influences the inmates he comes in contact with. There were myths in Craiova Penitentiary that he had learned all the architecture of the penitentiary, which he wanted to use to escape. That’s why he was escorted 15 years ago to Gherla, with masks, like in Hollywood movies,” added Dorobantu.
Konstantinos Passaris also has several convictions in Greece, where he killed several policemen during a prison break.
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  • Panagiotis Spyridis

    He is notorious in Greece. A master in escaping. Keep him here locked up please.