Searches under way in Caracal to find traces of the murder. First clues reveal Alexandra was in the suspect’s car, house. Protests countrwyide

Amid public huge anger and protests in the case of 15yo teen girl Alexandra who has been missing in Caracal for several days, investigators are conducting more searches at the place of the main suspect, Gheorghe Dincă, and in the surrounding areas.

Human remains and jewels belonging to Alexandra have been though found in Dinca’s house, not far away from the lake. Coroners have confirmed the investigators’ suspicions following first DNA tests: the bones found in Gheorghe Dincă‘s court are human bones, while the clothes, hair and jewels discovered in his car and in his house belong to Alexandra.

Meanwhile, the suspect has been brought to the warehouse where he was living and where the murder has allegedly taken place. At the same time, searches on the lake nearby have been resumed for the second day in a row. Yet, divers have not found yet any evidence or human remains in the lake.

The suspect, detained for rape and kidnapping for now, has denied all charges. In the ash in his courtyard, investigators have found calcinated bones and 21 pieces of human teeth, while one of Alexandra’s earrings has been found in the suspect’s car, as identified by the girl’s mother.

Gheorghe Dinca replied that the ash comes from a fire he made to chase away mosquitoes. He denied he would know Alexandra or that he had taken her with his car.

DIICOT deputy chief Georgiana Hossu said that investigation in this case is difficult, because searches are taking place on a wide area “that has to be searched inch by inch”.

Asked if steps have been made to shape the theory of a crime, Hossu replied that “steps have been made, but the information released within the investigation is doing a lot of harm to the girl’s relatives”.

“Let’s try to deliver all information, but be human at the same time”, she argued.

Hundreds of people gathered in the front of the suspect’s house during the weekend, booing Gheorghe Dinca, but also the policemen who managed the case.

Alexandra has been missing since Wednesday. She made three calls to 112 on Thursday, announcing she had been kidnapped and raped. The calls have been made from the suspect’s phone. Policemen arrived at his house only 19 hours after, accusing STS has given them wrong information on the location and that they had no warrant from the prosecutor to enter Dinca’s house. However, STS denied the police’s accusations, saying they had given accurate tracking locations.

On the other hand, the report of the case prosecutor says that warrant has been given at 3a.m., but police officers waited for three hours in front of the house before they broke in.

Former journalist and NGO leader Alexandru Cumpănaşu, Alexandra’s uncle, said that first DNA tests revealed the girl had been in Gheorghe Dinca’s car. He detailed the investigators had found her hair in the car, as well as the scotch tape on her mouth.

Alexandru Cumpănaşu, who is president of the National Coalition for Romania Modernization, has also asked for public support on Sunday so that STS head Sorinel Vasilca to be immediately dismissed following this scandal. The STS head will be heard in the Defence Committee on Monday.

Cumpănaşu has accused police officers that they would have invited Alexandra’s father to break the doors during raids, telling him that the girl must have run away with some boy and that he will have to pay for the damages if the girl proves to be alive.

On Thursday, Alexandra’s parents would have been called from a private number by an unknown man who told them their girl is fine and has left the country.

The call has been similar as in the case of the first girl missing in Caracal since spring, 19-year-old Luiza Melencu. In April, Luiza’s grandfather, was called from a hidden number with a man telling him his granddaughters is fine, in Switzerland.

Gheorghe Dinca’s is known in the village as a violent man. He is accused of domestic violence. His wife, Elena is living with one of their sons in Deveselu after the suspect had beaten her most cruelly two weeks ago. One of the people who had been knowing Gheorghe Dinca since he was child said he is an extremely violent man who had repeatedly beaten his children and wife and who had received a ban from entering Italy where he used to live for several years and where he is accused of trying to assault a young woman.


Banner reading “Hello, 112? I am Romania. Save me. Tomorrow it can be you”.

Protests against the authorities’ intervention in this case have been staged in Bucharest and several other cities. In Bucharest, people chanted “I am Alexandra, too”, while booing police officers.

Hundreds of locals in Caracal have also protested in front of the suspect’s house, chanting against policemen “You have done nothing to save the girl”.

When investigators were taking the suspect Gheorghe Dinca from the house, protesters shouted “Let him out among us”, “Your recklessness is killing”.

Residents in Dragosloveni, the village where Alexandra lived, say there is no Police after 4 p.m. and the police station is closed during the weekend. People used to call 112 if they have an emergency, saying a crew can reach the village after 30 minutes from their call.

The Caracal Police chief, Nicolae Mirea, has been dismissed , while other Olt police chiefs are under investigation. Sacked Nicolae Mirea had though stated that, from his point of view, the police officers had acted „perfectly” in this case and has nothing to reproach to himself.

The prefect of Olt and the Romanian Police chief have been also sacked.

PM advances referendum idea to tighten sentences for rape, child molestation

PM Viorica Dăncilă has announced she is considering the possibility of summoning a referendum to consult Romanians in the view of tightening sentences for rape, manslaughter and child molestation.

At the same time, the premier has asked her party fellows to delay the PSD congress of August 3 following the tragedy in Caracal.

Dear colleagues,

These days, a young soul who could have been saved has passed away. We are all full of pain and revolt, sadness and frustration that something like this could have happened. All those guilty must pay. To the last.

I ask you to let politics aside those days. Please, don’t point any finger to any political party, it is no time for such disputes. Therefore, I propose to postpone the Congress due on August 3. I would like us to use this period only to find solutions to prevent such tragedies from happening anymore”, reads Dăncilă’s letter to PSD.

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  • Johnny

    I was born in Romania and live in this beautiful country for 32 years…living in US for more then 15 years and I can for sure make a comment regarding this situation…First of all I feel so sorry for the so young girl (and her parents)which definitely she could be saved if the authorities will do their job right…there is so much incompetence from the beginning of this sad situation and definitely all persons should be responsible because all of them failed to help this girl…starting from 112 operator all the way up to the manager of this department should be accountable for the girl’s tragic death.The police department up to the department head should be brought in front of justice and pay for their failure…it is inadmissible the way they handled this situation and I will give just an example…I whish all of them …and I mentioned ALL to put in this girl situation for just five minutes…if not to imagine that their daughter/son was “Alexandra”…and after that to respond in front of Alexandra’s parents how they failed to help her….I whish everyone involved on this who could help this girl to be alive today ,to get maximum punishment including jail(by the way…most of the persons who handled this situation will be in a jail for a long time if they will be here in US). I hope also the criminal monster to rot in jail for the rest of his life…he’s lucky too not dealing with a different justice like the one from here,which definitely will get the death penalty …but I hope someone there in jail will take vcare of him before he will die from natural causes…a monster like this doesn’t deserve more then this….YOU ARE MONSTER,Gheorghe Dinca!!!!….if I could,i will punish you in my way…may be someone else closer will do it!