Serious irregularities in Mihaela Iorga’s files, DNA says. Iorga denies

The National Anti-corruption Directorate says it has found serious irregularities in the files conducted by Mihaela Iorga, one of the prosecutors recalled two week ago after the scandal of the DNA meeting recordings’ featuring DNA chief prosecutor Kovesi ordering prosecutors how to investigate some cases. DNA says now that the unjustified sum of RON 400,000 has been found in the locker of Iorga’s office, as well as luxury watches and denunciative documents against a high-ranking official that Iorga had decided not to investigate.

DNA told Digi 24 that it decided to notify the Judicial Inspection after Mihaela Iorga’s previous files had been inventoried following her recall.

Therefore, one file revealed there were RON 398,000 received from a physical person, as said in a recording of proceedings made by Mihaela Iorga. The anti-corruption authority however says the money were not justified and didn’t come either from the flagrant fund.

At the same time, the prosecutor’s locker also contained a watch worth RON 68,000 and a fountain pen worth over RON 8,000. These represented evidence in a file and they should have normally stayed in the DNA’s evidence room and not in the prosecutor’s locker, says the anti-corruption body.

DNA added that in another file, Mihaela Iorga would have started procedures to ask the go-ahead for the criminal prosecution, she would have obtained it, but she would have enforced the go-ahead only after the charges had been prescribed.

On the other hand, the Judicial Inspection is probing into a complaint filed by Mihaela Iorga and other two prosecutors against DNA head Laura Codruta Kovesi, after they had been asked to carry out the polygraph test on the recordings from the DNA sitting.

Iorga denies all

In retort, Mihaela Iorga says that the DNA head “is trying to give credit to a recall order that was probably not perceived very well by the media and for which there are no arguments“.

It’s part of a deliberate action to denigrate me,” the prosecutor said, while adding that none of the above-mentioned goods had been found in her locker or in her office.”They have been most probable found in the locker of a police officer with whom I was working on the cases, in another office. I used to coordinate the investigation in those files. I haven’t taken the goods, I haven’t received them,” Iorga explained.

About the RON 400,000, she said it is a sum of money received from an indicter in a corruption case to carry out a flagrant action. “The money was photographed, the money series are mentioned in an assessment record. The flagrant was to be carried out but it was dropped due to a delay on an acquisition procedure. The indicter wanted us to keep the money to use them for the next flagrant,” Iorga argued.

As for the goods, the watch and the fountain pen, she pointed out they had been seized during a search in a file that has been solved. Iorga also added that the goods were not delivered to that ‘evidence room’ mentione by the DNA release, for “that room has never existed”. “Only if they created it in an emergency procedure in the past days. DNA has never had a corpus delicti room,” she concluded.

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