Shocking phone dialogue between Alexandra, victim of Caracal murder and the 112 police operator

The content of the conversations that Alexandra Măceșanu, the 15-year-old girl kidnapped, raped and killed by Gheorghe Dinca in Caracal, had with the 112 operator, the police officer who took over the call from STS, has been revealed in the media.

The 112 operator was pointed by the Interior Ministry’s preliminary report as the first responsible of poorly handling the case.

According to sources quoted by the mainstream press, Alexandra was besotted by the 112 operator who was intimidating her by his attitude and words. The report says the operator had a reluctant approach.

Alexandra called 11 three times, she used to call and hang up for fear the murderer is coming.

The dialogue with the operator shows that despite Alexandra was crying and was terrified, the police officer on the phone seemed to not have believed her.

The sources close to the investigation said that the operator who had the phone conversation with the girl did not address the right questions to help the victim, he did not give her any advice how to behave to the aggressor or what to do until the police squads arrived.

 Come on, what do you want?”, was the operator’s first words when taking over Alexandra’s call.

Alexandra: I was kidnapped and raped. He took me.

Policeman: Where are you, girl?

Alexandra: In Caracal, in Caracal.

Policeman: In Caracal where?

Alexandra: In Caracal…

Policeman: Ok, stay there. I’ll send you a squad, but don’t hold the line busy anymore.

Alexandra: He’s coming to beat me again. He raped me!

Sources say that the police officer from the Olt County Police Inspectorate, Viorel Florescu, told Alexandra to stay where she was three times although the girl was kidnapped and tied.

An hour after the conversation, the same policeman called STS back to ask how to track a call for he didn’t know. The conversation lasted 10 minutes.

At the same time, the teen girl gave policemen a conclusive clue that reduced the area where she was kidnapped from 250 houses to half of them. Indeed, she did not know the precise neighbourhood, but she gave police a hint. Although the dismissed police chief of Caracal said the girl had misled them on the phone by giving them wrong signs, the recording with officer Viorel Florescu proves that Alexandra mentioned it is the Bold district and that it is a red fence.

112 operator Viorel Florescu admits the girl mentioned Bold district. “I did not know what Bold is, that’s why I remember I asked her: <Bold is in Olt county? what is it?>”. “And then she told me: <Hold on, I found a business card> and she read what was on the card, a name ,” Florescu Viorel told România Tv

Moreover, the red fence mentioned by the girl do exists, it is at the back entrance at Gheorghe Dincă’s house.

The 112 operator denied he would have had a reluctant attitude to the girl, arguing the girl seemed scared and that he had experience with such cases and that he would not treat this case superficially.

“She told me she had been kidnapped and raped, that she is being beaten. I knew the voice of a person in such situation, I am not in the police from yesterday. I had no intention to treat the girl’s call superficially. I don’t feel guilty. We collaborated with the judiciary police,” Florescu stated.

Alexandra would have managed to find the aggressor’s mobile phone after he left at the pharmacy to buy some hand cream to allegedly treat her hand injuries.

Initially, Olt Police said that STS had misled them by giving them three wrong addresses where the girl might be.

However, during hearings in parliament on Monday, first deputy head of the intelligence telecom service, general Sorin Bălan said STS had not given three wrong addresses to the police. According to the procedures, a tracking chart has been generated, he explained, but the application to access this tracking chart was opened only after an hour by the local policemen.

Alexandra’s mom called by aggressor when the women was next to a cop

The preliminary Interior Ministry report also shows that Alexandra’s mother had been called by Gheorghe Dinca on Thursday when the woman was talking to a cop who had come to their house to find more information about the missing girl. The man would have called Alexandra’s mother as “mother-in-law” and told her the girl is fine and that she is leaving to the UK “to earn money”.

After the phone conversation ended, the police officer called the same number several times, but with no result.

Half an hour later from the phone call to the mother, Alexandra was calling 112 for the first time, meaning at 11:05hrs, saying she had been kidnapped and raped. Other two calls to 112 followed.

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