Sorin Frunz?verde to be prosecuted for incitement to blackmail

Caras-Severin County Council President Sorin Frunz?verde arrived on Friday at the DNA Bucharest. After four hours of hearings, the prosecutors decided to put him under investigation. He will be prosecuted under judicial control, informs.

The Caras-Severin County Council president is to be prosecuted for incitement to blackmail and for using the function and influence.

National Anticorruption Department (DNA) prosecutors conducted on Thursday morning searches at the Caras-Severin County Council offices, at the county council president Sorin Frunz?verde’s office and at his residence in Resita.

Sorin Frunz?verde said that he has been informed that the investigation was linked to the second round of presidential elections. The searches on Thursday morning took place just two days after the DNA prosecutors raided the Caras Severin County Council Vice President Ionesie Gheorghioni’s office, a close friend of Sorin Frunz?verde.

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