The dumb and dumber made fake ID with Robert De Niro, fake money

Two men from Iasi County (north-eastern Romania) have been prosecuted for forging more than one hundred banknotes, using a scanner, a printer and some tape. They also forged identity cards and, when caught by police they had an ID on the name of Robert De Niro…
Stefan Badii and Sorin Bulgaru started work in 2009 by forging RON 50 banknotes (approx. EUR 11), informs.
Once the banknote scanned, they changed the series on the computer in ‘Excel’ and then printed the banknotes having various serial numbers.
They were caught as Bulgaru paid with a fake banknote in a small store in a Covasna County (central Romania) village in order to buy cigarettes. The seller noticed the fake and refused to cash it. Bulgaru left the village but was stopped on the route by Police, who found on him 103 fake banknotes.
The two have become famous due to the Robert De Niro ID card.

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