Three kids stole Charlie Ottley’s video equipment. Drone found in a park

The thieves who stole the filming equipment and drone of the famous British director Charlie Ottley were found. They are three children between aged from 10 to 14, two boys and a girl. They were heard in the presence of a psychologist and told what had happened and what they had done with the stolen items.

The police caught them in the central area of ​​Timisoara, on the bank of the Bega canal. They no longer had the stolen goods on them. The drone was also abandoned in the park area, near the Continental Hotel. A man found the drone and he handed it over to the policemen.

The three minors were interrogated by the police, accompanied by their mother. The hearings took place in the presence of a psychologist from the Directorate for Child Protection.

The children said they were scared and threw the bag in the drone.

The director of Wild Carpathia and Flavors of Romania was robbed in the center of Timisoara while filming a documentary. The bag of essential equipment was stolen from the British journalist. Charlie Ottley stopped on a bench after an evening with friends. His things were stolen right next to him, in a park in Timisoara. Charlie Ottley had a backpack with several filming equipment, including a drone. Charlie Ottley: “They came from behind, took the drone and ran. I tried to track them down. I ran after the thieves for a few minutes. But they were younger, better trained and wearing sneakers. So I gave up.”

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