Tomis Archbishop Teodosie to be tried by the Holy Synod for “disturbing the peace in the life of the Church” and “rebellion”

The Archbishop of Tomis, Teodosie, will be tried by the Holy Synod of the BOR (Romanian Orthodox Church) for “disturbing the peace in the life of the Church”, “rebellion” and “indiscipline”, because he repeatedly insisted on raising the Archbishopric of Tomis to the rank of metropolitan, although he does not meet the criteria.

Recently, there have been several conflicts between the management of BOR and Teodosie, due to his controversial statements. In addition, the archbishop is also being investigated by the anti-corruption prosecutors, for influence peddling.

The Chancellery of the Holy Synod reminds, in a press release, that the request of His Holiness Theodosie that the Archdiocese of Tomis be elevated to the rank of metropolitan was rejected since March 2003. However, in the last two years, His Holiness Theodosius has requested several times to the Chancellery of the Holy Synod that the problem be reintroduced on the agenda.

“Each time, the Chancellery of the Holy Synod answered that, according to the Statute for the organization and functioning of the Romanian Orthodox Church, a metropolis is made up of two, three or more dioceses, and their hierarchs together form a metropolitan synod. Since no diocese neighboring the Archdiocese of Tomis does not want to be part of a future Metropolis of Tomis, ÎPS Teodosie fiercely insists that only the diocese he pastors should become a metropolitan, following the model of some metropolies in Bulgaria, thus violating the statutory order of the Romanian Orthodox Church , which, at present, does not provide for the existence of honorary metropolitans, without a metropolitan synod”, the press release states.

“Therefore, the violation of the statutory order of the Church and the disturbance of peace in the life of the Church and society through acts of rebellion, indiscipline and public pressure will be included on the agenda of the future meeting of the Holy Synod”, the statement also states.

This topic prompted a war of declarations between Teodosie and the BOR leadership. In 2021, when he again discussed the raising of the Archbishopric of Tomis to the rank of metropolitan, the reaction of the BOR leadership was categorical. Archbishop Teodosie’s request represents “a personal ambition”, the Holy Synod concluded.

In October 2023, ÎPS Teodosie made a new attempt to put the subject on the agenda of the Holy Synod, but still without success.

“The same request received a clear, firm and definitive answer just two years ago”, BOR spokesperson, Vasile Bănescu, retorted.

At the beginning of this month, the archbishop announced that he sent to the Chancellery of the Holy Synod “the most complete report” for the establishment of the Metropolitanate of Tomis, specifying that it has been registered and hopes to be put on the agenda. Teodosie claimed that he was not asking this for himself, but for the restoration of a fundamental historical truth for the entire Church.

Teodosie has been leading the Archdiocese of Tomis for two decades and stood out, especially during the Covid pandemic, through controversial actions and statements. He has made contradictory statements related to the COVID-19 vaccination and the transmission of the virus, for which he has been heavily criticized. Tedosie is also known for his many misogynistic remarks.

Archbishop Teodosie is being investigated by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) for buying influence, because he allegedly promised a businessman 20% of the money obtained from the Secretariat for Cults.

“In July 2023, the suspect Petrescu Teodosie, in the capacity mentioned above, allegedly promised the sum of 160,000 lei to a businessman (the witness in question), representing a percentage of 20% of the sum of 800,000 lei, which he the latter should have obtained it for the Archbishopric of Tomis, following the use of the influence he claimed to have had on the officials with decision-making rights in this regard within the State Secretariat for Cults. The other suspect would also have participated in that discussion, being the one who would have negotiated with the businessman the terms in which the respective “agreement” was to be put into practice,” DNA said.

According to the prosecutors, the amount of 800,000 lei was supposed to be used to finance construction works or rehabilitation of the cult units subordinated to the Archdiocese of Tomis.

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