Tunisian citizen, undesirable in Romania for ten years over terrorism suspicions

The Bucharest Court of Appeal declared a Tunisian citizen undesirable in Romania for a period of ten years. The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) explained he had been involved in terrorism-related activities in our country.

SRI has notified the court over suspicions that the Tunisian was part of a network providing financing for the Daesh terrorist group.

The Tunisian arrived in Romania in 2008 as student of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, where he had his bachelor’s and master degrees. After graduation he remained in Romania and married a Romanian woman, from whom he had divorced in 2016.

The Tunisian was aimed by the intelligence officers precisely in 2016 over information that he was part of a group providing financing for Daesh.

B.O. came to the fore through religious radicalization and for propaganda activities supporting Daesh on the Internet, claiming the Islam supremacy and inciting to world Jihad. At the same time, the foreign partners also warned us over the Tunisian citizen’s involvement in repeated transactions to financially support the terrorist organization,” reads the SRI press release.

The Tunisian has been taken into custody by the General Immigration Inspectorate in order to be expelled from Romania.

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