UPDATE: Razvan Murgeanu, former presidential adviser for Traian Basescu, under preventive arrest

Razvan Murgeanu, former state adviser with the Chancellery of President Traian Basescu, has been placed under preventive arrest on Wednesday, following the decision of Bucharest Court, which upheld the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) proposal, under the accusations of corruption, bribe giving and incitement to the crime of money laundering.

In the same file Gabriela Simion-Gangoe was placed under preventive arrest for 30 days.

Razvan Murgeanu was detained Tuesday night by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors for corruption, hotnews.ro reports. He was taken from the DNA offices to the Bucharest police custody. He was heard by the DNA prosecutors for over 10 hours.

Razvan Murgeanu was State adviser with the Presidential Administration, in Traian Basescu’s mandate, from June 2013 until October 2014.

Previously to the office held at Cotroceni, Murgeanu was deputy mayor with the Bucharest City Hall and, during 2009-2013, state secretary with the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, led by Elena Udrea until 2012.

According to a release, Razvan Gheorghe Murgeanu was detained for 24 hours on suspicion of influence peddling, bribe giving and incitement to the crime of money laundering and taken to the Bucharest Police Arrest.

In the same file was retained also Gabriela Simion- Gângoe.

Prosecutors have also detained for 24 hours Valentin Stanescu, director with the District 5 City Hall at the date of the offense, for bribe taking, the release also reads.

According to investigators “during July 2015 – February 2016, defendant Gângoe – Simion Gabriela, as an insolvency practitioner, ordered the payment from the accounts of a company, under her supervision, of the total amount of RON 63,670.07, representing unlawfully received remuneration. This amount of money was disguised by issuing invoices accounting for audit services that were not actually provided, to a company under her control through a relative to the paying company or to subcontractors.”

Prosecutors also claim that “during 22.06.2011 – 08.06.2012, the District 5 City Hall and a joint venture formed by two companies (one company being insolvent, referred above), have concluded several contracts on the execution, completion and maintenance of thermal rehabilitation works of 85 properties located in District 5 Bucharest, amounting to RON 71,892,541, VAT excluded.”

Prosecutors found that on December 31, 2015, the Municipality paid to the association the amount of RON 8.5 million, representing a partial payment for services rendered.

“In order to influence public servants who had the necessary powers, defendant Stanescu, as director, claimed from the representatives of the association, having as intermediary Razvan Murgeanu, the amount of EUR 15,000. In turn, the latter claimed from Gângoe – Simion Gabriela, besides this amount of money, another EUR 15,000 for himself in order to practice influence peddling in the direction shown above, an issue she agreed upon,” the investigators say.

Earlier, in the same context, the prosecutors further say, Gângoe – Simion Gabriela, based on the prior agreement with Răzvan Murgeanu, has told the management of the company she was overseeing that the RON 8.5 million were paid by the Municipality of District 5 ‘under some conditions’ and that payment of some fees was needed.

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