Woman from Suceava accused of killing her newborn babies

A 37-year-old woman from Suceava is accused of murdering her three babies. She gave birth to a baby boy last week, but killed him and hid the body in the courtyard. While digging for evidence, investigators found the remains of other two babies.

The suspect is working as an engineer at a multinational company in the area and has three children.

The preliminary conclusions of the prosecutors point that the woman, who is living in Dorna Candrenilor village in Suceava county, northern Romania, gave birth to the baby boy on August 9. The baby would have been alive at birth, but the woman killed him. Police has found the baby suffocated in a plastic bag, buried in the courtyard.

A policeman from the village saw the woman several days while she was pregnant. On Tuesday, he alerted authorities for the woman was not pregnant anymore and there was no trace of any baby.

The police has searched the woman’s house and found the body of the baby boy. Remains of other two babies were also discovered buried in the courtyard.

The woman was admitted to the hospital in Vatra Dornei for medical care and she will undergo a psychiatric examination next week. A criminal file for infanticide has been opened against the woman.

Heard by prosecutors, her husband claimed he had no idea his wife had been pregnant.

Update: During hearings, the woman admitted to killing three of her babies, one last week, and the other two in 2016 and 2018. She told investigators she did that because she already has three children (aged 6,8,10) and she did not want more babies.

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