Local policemen suspected of missing 30 bags of drugs seized on the Romanian Black Sea coast

The chief of the Romanian Police Ioan Buda has announced he would notify the Prosecutor’s Office against the anti-organised crime and anti-drug police chief in Tulcea under the charge of dereliction of duty in handling the case of the drugs found ashore the Black Sea in March.

Buda says 30 bags of drugs have gone missing and not a ton as rumoured. Last week, the Romanian Police head announced an internal check on the manner the anti-drug policemen in Tulcea had managed the investigation on the drug bust on the seaside in March. The suspicions are the Tulcea police officers had missed 30 bags of drugs.

There was a commissioned chief of the anti-organised crime department in Tulcea. His mandate has been cut off, and we’ll notify the prosecutors under the charge of dereliction of duty. There are also other small irregularities, the fact the chief had been informed and had not reported the case in due time. If he reported in time the operations would take place more quickly,” the head of the Romanian Police stated.

The police and prosecutor’s office investigation in March led to a record drug bust of almost one ton of cocaine inside a boat on the Black Sea coast, near Sfantu Gheorghe in Romania and, gradually, on several beaches in the Romanian seaside resorts.

Later on, in April, the Bulgarian authorities have tracked down 150 packs containing drugs of high concentration (above 90%) following searches on the beaches in Bulgaria.


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