MAE: Two Romanians gone missing in the avalanche in Italy, saved

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed on Friday evening that two Romanian citizens, an adult and a child, gone missing in the avalanche that hit a hotel in Farindola, Italy, have been identified as alive as rescue teams took them out of the hotel’s ruins. The ministry also informed that the two Romanians are admitted at the hospital in Pescara, and they are safe and sound. The Romanian Embassy in Rome is permanently keeping contact with the hospital’s representatives, MAE also said.

However, the ministry didn’t mention who are Romanian citizens saved, but La Stampa newspaper reported it was the Romanian woman and her son who had been taken out alive from the hotel, while the woman would have told the rescue teams to also take out the girl, who would be in another hotel room. Until now it’s not clear if the girl had been also taken out, if she is still in the hotel or hospitalized.

Initial reports by Italian media revealed that the Romanian woman gone missing in the avalanche in Italy and her daughter might be among those six people found alive by the rescue teams. However, there was no official announcement. reported that a six-year-old girl, who might be the Romanian woman’s daughter, has been saved. has got the statement of the deputy Interior minister Filippo Bubbico, who confirmed that a girl has been taken out alive from the hotel.

The Romanian woman and her two children are gone missing after the avalanche that destroyed a hotel in Abruzzo ski resort in Italy. Her husband, an Italian citizen told local media that the rescue teams got to him and took him out of the snow, but he has no news about his wife and two children.

The man said that he had got out of the hotel shortly before the avalanche stroke, to fetch something from his car, which was parked quite far away from the hotel, a fact which saved him. While he was out the avalanche occurred and buried the 4-star spa hotel in snow. The rescue teams found the man in the snow, but alive. His wife and two children had stayed in the hotel room.

According to the Romanian media, the woman, Adriana, aged 43, is a nurse and is born to a modest family in a village in Bacau, Moldavia. She left to work in Italy to help her parents and also to treat her disease, rheumatoid arthritis.

Ten people have been found alive in the Rigopiano hotel’s ruins in Farindola on Friday at noon, 48 hours after the avalanche hit the region.

Six people buried in an avalanche-hit Italian mountain hotel have been rescued in the morning, with one of them being injured, while another four while another four have been found in the afternoon in a different location

Bini told CNN that the two people have been taken to hospital in nearby Pescara while rescuers work to retrieve the remaining four. He also said that an additional two or three people have been found but rescuers are still not sure if they are alive.
Bini recounted how the six who were found — 43 hours after the avalanche struck — called out “angels, angels” when the rescuers first broke through to find them, in what was a highly emotional moment for all involved.
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