Man from Lupeni lost on the mountain survived for eight days only with berries and water

A man from the town of Lupeni, who got lost on the mountain and was then searched by teams of mountain rescuers and volunteers, was found after eight days, without major health problems, he later reported that he managed to survive by consuming berries and water from a stream in the area of ​​the Straja resort.

The man was reported missing by his family on September 5, after he had climbed the mountain, immediately the search operations were started. During these missions, rescue teams were assisted by drones and dogs trained for such operations.

According to the head of the Salvamont Hunedoara County Public Service, the mountain rescuers have searched for the man for eight days in a row in the Straja area, in the main valleys. He was found on the eighth day (Tuesday evening – n.r.) by some locals. They came across it by accident, although rescue teams have passed by the place countless times.

The man was in good health and after a medical check-up he was handed over to the family. The chief of Salvamont Hunedoara explained that during the eight days of searches, the teams sent to the mountain were accompanied by volunteers, family members and friends of the missing person.

At this time of the year there are many locals who go mushroom picking, a situation in which these people are recommended to inform their family in which areas they intend to move and the time they estimate they will spend there. It is also good for people to have a raincoat, food and water for a day or two.

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