Manager of pig farm controlled by the son of Liviu Dragnea – placed under judicial control

Ilie Dragne, the manager of the Salcia pig farm, left the police arrest on Friday after the remand order, in the tax evasion file of EUR 9 million, has expired. His lawyer said that Stefan Valentin Dragnea, the son of the PSD leader, gave up the shares held on the farm. Ilie Dragne, the manager of the Salcia pig farm, owned by the son of the PSD leader, was placed under judicial control, said lawyer Maria Vasii, who also represents Liviu Dragnea.

Ilie Dragne left the central arrest without making any statements. The detention order initially ordered in his case expired on Friday at 14.00h and the prosecutors did not request the preventive arrest, so he left the arrest of the Bucharest Police, judicial control being ordered, the lawyer said.

Lawyer Maria Vasii said that Stefan Valentin Dragnea, the son of PSD leader Liviu Dragnea, gave up the shares held at the pig farm at the beginning of the year and is only a shareholder. However, the procedure being currently in progress, the data are unchanged at the Trade Register and Valentin Dragnea holds 90% of the Salcia farm, and 10% belongs to the administrator and general manager, Ilie Dragne.

Initially, nine people, including Ilie Dragne, the manager of the Salcia pig farm, were detained for 24 hours in the file that the holding company is investigated for tax evasion. Following the searches, the farm’s general manager was taken over by law enforcement officials and taken to the hearings at the District 1 Economic Crime Investigation Service.

Officially, the Prosecutor General’s Office prosecutors announced on Thursday that investigations are being carried out in a file concerning tax evasion and misuse of goods or credit to society for a purpose contrary to its interests; or for his own benefit.

Ilie Liviu Dragne, the manager of the pig farm controlled by the Dragnea family, was remanded for 24 hours Thursday afternoon.

He was summoned for hearings after the prosecutors have searched in the morning the farm in Salcia commune, held by Valentin Stefan Dragnea, the son of the PSD Chairman Liviu Dragnea, reports.

Dragne’s lawyer said that the remand was just a “precautionary measure” decided by the prosecutor and that he hopes preventive arrest would not be needed.

Prosecutors with the Prosecutor General’s Office conducted Thursday morning searches at 80 addresses in Bucharest and 8 counties, including at Liviu Dragnea’s son pig farm, in a tax evasion file.

The Prosecutor’s Office issued a press release reading that 12 companies operating in the fields of construction, facility management, waste processing and pig breeding, during 2010-2016, did not pay taxes and duties due to the state budget. Unrealistic expenses were registered in the company’s accounts.

The damage in this case is RON 39,873,671, the equivalent of EUR 9,079,017, out of which RON 15,815,202 tax on reduced profit and RON 24,058,469 unlawfully deducted VAT.

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