May 1st celebration, from fighting for the workers’ rights to open-air events and extravagant parties

The day of May 1st has become known worldwide as the Labour Day, after some violent incidents in the U.S. in 1886, when workers asked for shorter working hours. However, in time, the day has gradually turned into the World Labour Day, currently celebrated in several countries (Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Israel, Turkey, Canada, India, Mexico or Hong Kong, and also Romania. In most of the western countries, May 1 is a day off.

Across former communist countries, the day of May 1st has been transformed into a state celebration, accompanied by propaganda-like parades, through which the communist regimes were trying to seize and politically manipulate an old tradition of the international labour movements to their own purposes.

In Romania, Labour Day was first celebrated in 1890, and, during communism, the celebration was also turned into a propaganda manifestation, praising the great achievements of the communist ruling.

After the anti-communist Revolution of 1989, May 1st has gradually turned more into a leisure activity, marked by open-air social events.

Labour Day means a day off in Romania this year as well, at least for the public employees (schools are also closed), and as it is on a Tuesday, the authorities have decided to declare a long weekend from April 28 to May 1.

The day is mostly seen by youngsters as a great opportunity to have some days off and have fun with their families and friends across some tourist destinations, like the seaside or the mountain resorts.

This year, tens of thousands of youngsters are on the Black Sea shore, celebrating the Labour Day mini-vacation in the seaside resorts, enjoying music, gastronomic and beer festivals, concerts and car races. The most crowded seaside resorts this year remain Mamaia (a luxury resort on the northern seaside) and Vama Veche (on the southernmost Romanian Black Sea coast).

More than 30,000 people were estimated to be in Mamaia and Vama Veche these days. Over 20,000 people have chosen Mamaia North-Navodari, for the clubbing area, while another 10,000 youngsters have opted for wild and nonconformis Vama Veche. Some other sources quoted by Digi24 claimed there were 30,000 visitors only in Mamaia, with 17,000 of them being foreign tourists.

Extravagant parties on the Romanian seaside: the helicopter landing and EUR 100,000 champagne

So, parties have flooded into place in these resorts starting Friday night, when the clubbing and party season has practically kicked off, with music for all tastes ringing out and youngsters dancing and singing till dawn.

Extravaganzas haven’t missed the shows either. Images with a helicopter bringing a group of youngsters at the inauguration of a fancy club in Mamaia have become viral on the Internet, particularly due to the adventurous landing.

The Facebook images show the helicopter trying to land in a parking full of people who were waiting in line to enter a club and being close to miss the landing, stirring up clouds of dust.

When a man came to take over the partiers, the helicopter seemed to resume the take-off and the man immediately jumped to prevent from being injured.

At the same time, because it was flying low across the sky, the helicopter stirred up the dust and made several billboards come off. A taxi driver nearby was almost on the verge of being hit by the billboard pieces thrown over his car.

According to some sources, Greek singer Antonis Remos, would have been on board of the helicopter. He had come for the opening of a club in Mamaia.

The images have raised over 240,000 views on Facebook, being shared in less than 24 hours.

Extravaganza and luxury were all around in Mamaia as a matter of fact, with the famous resort racing for the Capital of parties title. It was also in Mamaia that a highly expensive champagne has been ordered on Saturday, worth EUR 100,000.

According to Adevărul, the EUR 100,000 champagne has been ordered at Loft club in northern Mamaia. It was an Armand de Brignac brand, which is estimated to EUR 100,000. The VIP customers coming to Loft are usually accommodated at Nyota hotel nearby, where the most expensive penthouse apartment on the last floor costs EUR 1,500/night. These days it has been rented by a group of French.

Three bottles of wine could cost RON 25,000 in such a fancy club.

Drug-related incidents

Yet, amid all this partying, incidents were also around. Three youngsters needed medical aid on Monday, after they would have been taken illegal substances in Mamaia. A young woman from Poland was found in a coma.

Some calls to 112 announced that a young man was unconscious, while another one was extremely agitated in the club area in northern Mamaia. Arriving on the scene, doctors have found out a Bucharester, aged 25 and a 20yo Londoner, who would have taken drugs.

The young man from Bucharest was taken to a hospital, while the man from London refused hospitalisation.


Several minutes later, doctors were again asked to intervene in the same area. This time there was the case of a young Polish woman. She was found in a coma and was immediately taken to the Constant Emergency Hospital. Doctors also suspect she would have consumed illegal substances.

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