Military NCO arrested after killing his concubine at the hairdresser

The magistrates of the Military Tribunal have placed a military under preventive arrest for 30 days for manslaughter. He killed his concubine a day ago in a hair styling salon in the small town of Titu, Dambovita county.

The man had been taken on custody on Tuesday night. He admitted the crime immediately, as a matter of fact he was the one who called 112 announcing what he had done and surrendered to the police. The man has been a non-commissioned officer in the National Defense Ministry for ten years, and he was even sent in Afghanistan for the peacekeeping missions. The Defense Ministry says that all psychological tests proved the man was qualified for the military service.

According to the local media, the military followed his 25-year-old lover at the hairdresser, came in the salon with her, had a fight and then he stabbed her. He was the one who called 112, took a taxi and went to the police to surrender. The tragedy was captured by the salon’s video cameras.

According to MApN, NCO Florin Oprea is a specialist in repairing works of the Technical Materials 129 Warehouse of the Military logistics base in Targoviste. He was hired in the ministry in 2009. Moreover, he passed all psychological tests that all servicemen must undergo. The last such test was carried out in October 2017, and he was declared qualified.

The ministry’s officials said he had a normal conduct all this time, and he was not involved in other incidents. He is divorced and has two children.

However, his former wife told Digi 24 in an exclusive interview that Oprea was extremely violent, that he used to beat her a lot and she had to practically relocate abroad with their child in order to escape him. The woman also revealed she had filed tens of complaints against him at the police, but most of them had no effect whatsoever.

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