Mom from Ploiesti won her unborn baby’s right to life in court

A young woman from Ploiesti won her unborn baby girl’s right to life in court after the Prahova Health Insurance House had refused to issue a medical form that the woman badly needed to take her baby girl in Germany to undergo a heart surgery immediately after birth.

The 29-year-old woman’s story began when she was 22-week pregnant when the joy of having a baby has been shadowed by some terrible news: the baby girl had a congenital heart defect. The doctors from the “Marie Curie” Hospital in Bucharest told the woman that the only solution is surgery, immediately after the birth, but the intervention was possible only in Germany. So, the woman started to raise documents for the E112 form, which allowed her to reimburse the costs of the surgery.

But, the public servants from the Prahova Health Insurance House told the mother that they cannot release the E112 before the birth for the ‘baby has no identity’.

They told us the baby had no identity, as she was unborn, they said the surgery can be reimbursed, but not the delivery, while the doctor and all medical papers certified that the delivery must take place in the same place where the baby should undergo surgery, as the baby could not breathe after delivery,” the young mom recounted.

So, after several other refusals, the family decided to resort to a lawyer, to win their baby’s right to life in court. “We obtained rapid hearings considering the baby’s health condition and the deadline. We went in court and we won and this way we succeeded in going to Germany. Our pain was great, we were scared for a premature birth could be fatal for our baby,” the mother confessed.

In retort, the spokesperson of the Prahova Health Insurance House said the institution had only observed the law.

In the end, the woman gave birth in Germany, and her baby girl underwent immediate surgery. Now, both of them are well at home.

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