Monkey seen in a courtyard in Bucharest caught after long hours of chase

Update: The monkey seen and filmed by a woman in her courtyard in district 5, Bucharest has been eventually caught on Wednesday evening after long hours of chase and after several failed attempts.

The animal was caught in a house attic.

The vet who captured the monkey said the intervention had been extremely difficult, “maybe the most difficult so far, because there were many houses in the neighborhood, many places where the monkey climbed, there was also the public danger for it could hit or attack someone.”

We managed to shot the monkey twice, with the tranquilizer. First time we shot in the bone, but the tranquilizer had no effect, so we chase it a lot,” said Ovidiu Roșu, the vet who captured the animal.

Apparently, the monkey was reported missing since Saturday, September 7.

Its fate is now in the hands of the Environmental Guard that will decide if the animal will be sent to the Zoo or to a shelter of saving and rehabilitating wild animals.

A woman called 112 on Wednesday to report a monkey is the courtyard of her house, in District 5, Bucharest. Gendarmes and a vet with a tranquilizer rifle have been sent on the scene, but they failed to catch the animal.

The call was made around 12:00hrs today to report on the presence of a monkey in a courtyard in district 5, but when gendarmes arrived on the scene, the monkey was gone”, the Bucharest Gendarmerie informed.

The District 5 Local Police has notified the Authority for Animal Protection about three monkeys who had been lost. Two have been caught by the owner, but the other is still missing.

Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea joked about the monkey incident today. “I hope it is not in a ragweed field to make the monkey tear”, said Firea when the journalists asked for more information about this case.

The mayor has made the statement during a meeting the City Hall organised today to discuss about actions to eradicate the ragweed in the Capital after residents had filed a petition in this regard.

Ragweed, also known as ambrosia or honeydew is known for causing allergic reactions in humans, precisely allergic rhinitis.

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