More and more Romanians, ranging from pensioners to corporationers, relocate to the countryside

Over 100,000 Romanians relocate from the city to the countryside last year and there are 27% less people coming from the countryside to leave in the cities, reveals a socio-demographic study by Ziarul Financiar.

According to the National Institute of Statistics, about 107,000 Romanian citizens moved from the city to the countryside in 2015, while less than 78,000 villagers moved to the city.

While more and more town dwellers prefer to relocate in the countryside for various reasons, in search for fresh air, less stress and to set up green businesses, the villagers would rather go working abroad than accept a low-paid job in the Romanian cities.

Most people leaving the city to the village are retired person who cannot afford living in the city anymore and bear up the urban costs in compliance with their lower returns.

At the same time, among the town dwellers going to live in the countryside there a lot of corporate employees who set up small businesses there or build a house to enjoy a healthier life, away from the city’s stress and pollution. At the same time, a new trend is quite visible in Romania, there are more and more expats relocating to the Romania’s countryside, with many of them even opting for remote villages and wild nature surroundings.

Regardless of age, more and more Romanians prefer to enjoy a more natural life, to have a house, green areas around it, far away from the city’s noise, jam and polluted air, which led to the development of a peri-urban residential environment, namely all those residential districts which are not administratively subordinated to the urban area but that have all features of an urban life.

However, demographic experts say that this rustication doesn’t help the economy too much, for, a gross income of RON 6,000 in a developed city paid on credits, fuel and food is replaced by a smaller income, while the expenses on food are also lower as the products in the countryside originate from the citizens’ own households.

So, it became a common thing that the town dwellers should build not only vacation houses in the countryside but also to develop small businesses or farms for self-consumption.

Professor Gheorghe Zaman, director of the Institute of National Economy forecasts that the migration trend from the city to the countryside will increase in the upcoming 20 years.

In his view, that will happen due to the fact that the natural surrounding comfort is much more attractive than the crowded cities which involve more noise, more stress and pollution. Besides, the people’s trend to obtain organic foodstuff, to crop and rear is also on the rise.

According to the World Bank Statistics, about 46% of the Romanian population lives in the countryside, which is quite similar to the world average of 46.1%.

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