More rain, snow and glazed frost expected across the country

The National Meteorology Administration (ANM) has issued new bad weather alerts. Mountain areas will be under a blizzard code yellow, and rain, snow and sleet will cover the entire country. The yellow blizzard code applies to all mountain areas, especially altitudes above 1700 meters. From 4:00 PM until Friday morning, winds will be 100 km/h, blowing snow, and visibility will be reduced.

Starting this afternoon, precipitation will gradually cover most regions.

In the mountains it will snow and a new layer of snow will be deposited, while in the northern half and in the southeast there will be mixed falls, with rain expected tomorrow night. 

Moreover, the wind will intensify in most of the country by the end of the week. On the other hand, the weather is warming up and tomorrow will see highs of 11 degrees.

In Bucharest, temperatures are rising. The maximum will rise to 3 degrees and the sky will have temporary clouds.

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