More than 60 pc of Romanians consider conflict in Ukraine as dangerous, survey shows

Two thirds of Romanians – 64.4 percent – consider the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is dangerous to Romania, according to the findings of a recent INSCOP poll released on Monday.

As many as 17.9 percent believe it is not dangerous to Romania, while 17.7 do not know/did not answer.

The poll also reveals the Romanians’ high favorability toward Western countries keeping constant and their increased worries over the Ukrainian armed conflict.

According to the poll, 69.7 percent of Romanians are in favour of more public money being allotted for defence sector in the context of the Ukrainian conflict; 12.7 percent disagree because they do not believe what is happening in Ukraine can affect Romania, while 17.6 percent do not know or did not answer, Agerpres informs.

The same poll shows that Romanians are big fans of the Western countries, with Germany ranking first in a positive feelings top (87.3 percent). A previous INSCOP poll revealed in July last year that 84.3 percent of the Romanians are thinking highly of Germans.

UK ranks second in Romanians’ preferences (84.7 percent positive feelings), followed by Spain (83.3 percent), Italy (82.1 percent). 80.8 percent of the respondents declare rather positive feeling to the USA, and 80. 3 percent say they like France.

79.8 percent of Romanians show rather positive feelings to The Netherlands, 75.8 percent admire Belgium and 73.1 percent think highly of Japan. Greece is following with 67.8 percent positive feelings and Republic of Moldova (67.7 percent).

58.4 percent of the respondents have rather positive feelings to China and 54.2 percent admire Serbia. Bulgaria ranks next with 54.1 percent, Israel (53.1 percent) and Turkey (52.3 percent).

41 percent of the Romanians are favorably relating to Ukraine (compared to 45.2 percent in July 2014), 38.1 percent to Hungary (compared to 40.4 percent in July) and 24.4 percent to Russia (37 percent in July).

The poll was commissioned by daily Adevarul and conducted by INSCOP Research, February 5-10, 2015 on a sample of 1,065 persons representative of Romania’s population aged 18 years and above.



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