More than half of Romanians will stay at home during the May 1 mini-holiday. Barbeques, the main option

More than half of Romanians will stay at home during the May 1 mini-holiday, 20% want to go to a forest and 15% go to the mountains. The Romanian seaside and City Breaks are completing the options, each adding 6% shares, a survey conducted by Provident reveals.

Of those who choose to spend the mini-holiday away from home, a third will travel by car, one in ten Romanians will travel by car with their friends, 5% choose the train and only 2% travel by plane.

The first options for the seaside resorts are Mamaia, Vama Veche and Năvodari, over half of respondents consider that Vama Veche is not to their liking, a quarter say that the resort “is not what it was” and only 15% say they are still delighted by the location.

The barbeque ranks first for May 1 options list, ‘mici’ top the menu intentions for half of the Romanians. 45% will have chicken barbeque and 39% pork neck. One-third of respondents say that the menu will not lack the salads and vegetables on the grill. One third of Romanians, however, do not barbecue, and only 4% have mutton on the menu.

8 out of 10 Romanians will buy the foodstuff from the supermarkets, while just over a quarter of the respondents will choose the neighbourhood markets. Independent growers rank third in preferences, 13%.

Half of Romanians will spend RON 150 for the parties on May 1, a quarter will spend up to RON 300, 12% will approach RON 500, 5% up to RON 700 and 6% will exceed this threshold. Indeed, over half of Romanians say they have the same budget for May 1 as last year, and a quarter will even cut spending.

Asked about the celebration of May 1, an overwhelming 96% share of the respondents say they celebrate the International Labour Day, 3% opted for the Union Day, and 1% for the International Day of Nature.

The survey was conducted online in April 2018 on a sample of 1,575 respondents countrywide, 29% with incomes between RON 1,001 and RON 2,000, 25% with incomes between RON 2,001 and RON 3,000, 16% over RON 4,001 and 15% both with incomes lower than RON 1,000 and from RON 3,000 to RON 4,000.

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