“Nature under the magnifying glass” – thematic route on biodiversity in Sticlariei Park

Starting today, visitors to the Sticlariei Park, district 2, Bucharest can enjoy a themed trail that encourages the exploration of plant and animal species in the park. The route was laid out by the Văcărești Natural Park Association, it includes panels with information about the birds, reptiles, amphibians or insects that, little by little, have recolonized the Sticlăriei Park and encourages the visit of other urban natural areas.

Such themed trails can be found frequently in natural or national parks all over the world, but for an urban park in Romania it represents a new method of enhancing the place.

Sticlariei Park has an unusual story to say. It was originally a sand pit, then an urban park, and then an illegal landfill.

In 2021, the reopening of the Glass Park meant, first of all, the collection of a few tens of tons of waste and, then, minimal landscaping interventions.

The Glazing Park and the Văcărești Natural Park have a lot in common, both historically and from the landscape point of view. This is how the idea of ​​setting up a thematic route dedicated to biodiversity through the “Nature under the magnifying glass” project came about.

The opening round will take place on Saturday 5th November at 10:00am. The project is financed by the City Hall of Sector 2 with 69,156 lei and is implemented by the Văcărești Natural Park Association, in partnership with the Romanian Ornithological Society.

In addition to the placement of information panels, the project includes several guided tours and educational workshops for students, introductory sessions in bird watching and recognition for volunteers and murals.

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