Navy Day festivities at the seaside. President Iohannis says mariners are Romania’s best ambassadors. American, Ukrainian military receive medical care

Thousands of tourists and locals have gathered at the seaside, in Constanta, on the occasion of Navy Day celebrations, expecting to watch dozens of ships, fighter planes and thousands military during the festivities.

President Klaus Iohannis addressed a message in Constanţa on the occasion of the Navy Day, saying that mariners, no matter which country they came from, “are a great family who help each other in need” and “are Romania’s best ambassadors”. Main issues:

– Dear mariners, this celebration is dedicated, first of all, to you. Mariners, regardless of the country they belong to, are a great family who help each other in need. You are the manifestation of the spirit of human solidarity beyond the borders. Whether serving in the Military or Civil Navy, you represent some of our country’s best ambassadors, promoters of values that unite us and define us as a nation. Congratulations and I wish you much success and health, and the Protector of the Romanian Navy, the Holy Virgin Mary, may she protect you wherever you are!

– Events, like the one today, prove the strength of the values and symbols that unite us. What better message than this one in the year we celebrate the centenary of Romania! I believe that this is precisely the spirit in which we have to celebrate the Centenary Year, and that must represent a moment of reflection for all of us to build a better Romania as we all want.

– We need to be realistic and understand the global context in which we are today. We are witnessing the formation of a new geostrategic landscape, the evolution of which is difficult to predict or anticipate. Romania remains an oasis of stability in the area and a regional security provider. There are real benefits from this status, and it is fundamental that we have the capacity and the wisdom to use our strengths to strengthen our position as an important NATO member and a credible strategic partner of the United States.

– We must not forget that the Black Sea continues to be an important bridge between Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia, with the possibility of capitalizing the Danube as a natural transit corridor between Central Europe, the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Romania cannot really be a relevant regional actor and a strong state without a powerful army. An army that includes naval forces equipped with modern devices, well-trained military, capable of successfully meeting any challenges.

The Neptune deity came from the sea and set off the naval show.

The flags of Romania, NATO and the European Union were carried by fast boats and a Puma Naval helicopter.

Demonstrative drills began with the parachutists’ evolution.

Defence Minister

The year 2018, Centenary Year, will be a reference point for the Romanian Navy, Defence Minister Mihai Fifor said on Wednesday.

“We are in the process of selecting the winner of the acquisition programme for multifunctional corvettes, a programme that will ensure not only a modern defence capability in the Black Sea but, by the offset, will also ensure the modernization of the two T22 frigates King Ferdinand and Queen Maria,” Minister Fifor said.

He has announced that the decision to acquire the mobile anti-ship missile launch system will be approved by the Government next week.

American, Ukrainian military receive medical care

Two military, one American and a Ukrainian, needed medical care during the ceremonies in Constanta.

A woman US military with the Guard of Honour felt sick during the speech delivered by President Iohannis and received medical care from an ambulance at the site.

The second incident took place during the speech delivered by Defence Minister, Mihai Fifor, a Ukrainian military being involved, also in the Guard of Honour. He was helped by his colleagues and taken to the ambulance.

None of them is in serious condition, most likely they felt sick due to the heat.


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