Neagu Djuvara’s last words revealed by his granddaughter

The granddaughter of renowned historian and novelist Neagu Djuvara, who died on Thursday aged 101, recounted for TVR national broadcaster about his famous grandfather’s last words. Sandra Popovici said he had gone in peace.

He died in hospital at 13:30, I was with him. He said: I love you! He was extremely coherent, both spiritually and intellectually until 13:30. He was the same whe he was 30, warm, charming, he talked, he said exactly what he would want for the generations to come. I think he was at peace with the world. He was 100% delighted every day that he had been able to return to Romania, for he never thought it might be possible. He was at peace,” Sandra Popovici told an interview for TVR.

Neagu Djuvara used to say in interview some time ago that he would like to die on a boat.

“I want to die on a boat. When I am not able to write anymore I will try to find a seat on a sailing boat, the one that travels around the world. There, if you die while aboard, they throw you into the sea. Let’s finish once for all with these stories of complicated funerals, with convoys and speeches,” Djuvara used to say.

Neagu Djuvara’s body will be laid at the Greek-Catholic Cathedral “St. Vasile cel Mare” in Bucharest, on 50 Polona street. The coffin will stay there on Friday and Saturday for those who want to pay their last hommage. The religious burial service will take place at the same cathedral on Sunday. Djuvara will be buried with military honors at Bellu Cemetery on Sunday.

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