New developments in the metro crime case. Father of the first aggressed girl who saved herself denounced slow procedures. The strange message written on the aggressor’s hand

The father of the 20-year-old young girl who had been also pushed in front of the metro train on Tuesday, but who had managed to save herself, recounted that he called 112 45 minutes after the incident when his daughter arrived at home all shocked and told her parents about it. The father says that the 112 operators sent him to the metro station to report the case and file a complaint, but he stated that he could actually give the statement only after two hours.

I called 112 45 minutes after the incident. And the 112 service sent me to the Costin Georgian tube station to investigate the case, me as a parent. How can be this possible? It took them two hours to register my statement, for there was a lady with a child in front of me, who told the policeman that she had forgotten her purse in the train. The policeman came and asked us, I told him my daughter had been pushed in front of the train. He didn’t believe us in the first instance. I could give the statement only around 7 p.m. My daughter is 22 years old, she played handball. The aggressor came behind her, and she just pushed her. The girl initially thought it’s a joke of one of her friends. When she realized it was no joke, she made a stand against the aggressor. Then the people sprang to her defence and the aggressor managed to run away. It all happened 10 metres in front of the metro train. My daughter could have been the first victim. Only one centimeter separated her from the platform,” the man told Antena 3 private broadcaster.

The man also said his daughter was in shock. The girl would have told her father that she had remarked the aggressor when she came down on the platform. “When my daughter went down, she saw the aggressor who stared at her. My girl said that woman had a strange face.”

The girl’s father added that people who were there on the platform had asked the aggressor why she had come to grips with the girl and the aggressor would have answered that the girl had taken her money: “The train came and the people got into the train, my daughter also got in for she was scared. The aggressor remained on the platform. We watched the videos and the aggressor was seen walking peaceful on the platform to the exit, talking on the mobile phone. I understood from the investigators that they found something written on the aggressor’s hand when they caught her: “<I did it, but I mistook her>. The note could be about our daughter or the other girl,” the man revealed.

According to sources close to investigators, there was indeed a message written on the aggressor’s hand: “She took my man. I mistook.

The first incident occurred on Tuesday, before 4 p.m.
In retort, Interior minister Carmen Dan said that an internal investigation is under way. However, the minister admitted there was a syncope in the procedures, after 17:15 when the first incident had been reported to 112.

The aggressor, 36-year-old Magdalena Serban has been arrested for 30 days. She admitted in front of the prosecutors that it was her captured on video cameras, but she denied the crime. She refused to give any written statement. Subsequently, in front of the judges, Magdalena Serban admitted she gave the first victim a shove, but said the girl had done the same to her. Regarding the second victim, who eventually died, the aggressor said they thrust, but she denied that she had pushed her in front of the train.

A 25-year-old woman died on Tuesday evening after the aggressor pushed her in front of the metro train in Dristor station, few hours after the first incident.

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