New episode of frost and snow ahead at the weekend

A new episode of frosty and snowy weather will affect Romania at the end of this week, after relatively high temperatures on Thursday and Friday. In Bucharest it will even reach minus 8 degrees Celsius, and the wind, even moderate, will accentuate the feeling of cold, meteorologists announce.

“In the Capital, we expect that during the night from Friday to Saturday, we will record, at the beginning of the night, precipitation in the form of rain, after which, towards the end of the interval, sleet and snow, and on Sunday, predominantly snow. On Sunday, in the Capital, only a maximum of one or two degrees, and the minimums will be very low even at the beginning of next week, when the mass of cold air is maintained which will again bring values below the frost threshold not only in depressions , but also in the lower relief areas, towards minus 7, minus 8 degrees Celsius”, stated the director of the National Meteorological Administration (ANM), Elena Mateescu, on Wednesday evening, on Antena 3.
She added that, even in the conditions of a moderate wind, the feeling of cold will be accentuated. “Already on Sunday the precipitation will be predominantly in the form of snow, but after that, under the conditions of a clear sky, the decrease in the temperature regime, both during the day, but especially at night, will certainly mean very low minimums. In Bucharest, it is possible to get close to minus 8, minus 6 degrees Celsius, in the pre-city area possibly even lower, but in the conditions where we will have even moderate intensification of the wind, the feeling of cold will be much accentuated”, director ANM also said.

On Thursday, the maximums in the country will be between 6 and 15 C, the warmest being in Banat, Crișana, Muntenia and Transylvania, ANM maps show.

On Friday morning the lows will be between -7 C and +2 C, and at noon they will be between +3 and +16 C. It will be very cold on Saturday, with morning lows between -14 and -1 C, and frost will be in several regions. Midday will be much colder than Friday, with highs between -4C and +5C, with very few places seeing highs above 3C.

In many places it will be 12-14C less at noon on Saturday than at noon on Friday, according to ANM.

In Bucharest it will be 11 C at noon on Thursday, 14 C on Friday, and on Saturday the maximum will be only 2 degrees and it will be the same on Sunday. At night it will be -4 C on Sunday and -6 C on Monday.

In Constanța it will be 16 C on Friday and only 2 degrees on Saturday.

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