New ID cards to serve also as health cards

Romanians will have new ID cards as of August 2021, which will also serve as health cards, Interior minister Marcel Vela announced on Friday.

The change is meant to provide new ID electronic cards to simplify the relation of the Romanian citizens with the national and foreign authorities.

Therefore, with the new cards Romanians will be able to interact with the public administration bodies from any point they want to ask for certain services. The move is intended to remove the famous queues in front of the public administration offices.

The new electronic ID card will have a chip device incorporated, but a solution will be found for the citizens who want simple ID cards, with no chip.

However, citizens opting for an ID card without the chip device will not be able to used it as passport to leave the country.

The cost of the new electronic ID cars has not been established yet, but prices across EU range from EUR 15 to EUR 40.

The new ID cards will also be released from the age of 12 or even earlier, upon request, and not from the age of 14, as it is now.

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