New incident in the Bucharest subway: Women threatened by another one. Further security measures announced

New incidents have been reported in the subway on Friday, after two women had notified police officers for being threatened by a strange woman at the Unirii 2 tube station and at Pipera.

A suspect has been already taken for hearings, with policemen trying to find out if it’s the same person who had threatened both claimants.

The second complaint came from a woman who said she would have been also threatened at Pipera station. The suspect was also found at 10:55 in the Pipera area, so investigators are trying now to see if the same woman had threatened both claimants.

A 42-year-old woman has filed a complaint today at Unirii 2 station around 10 a.m., saying she had been threatened by a strange woman whom she didn’t know. According to the description provided to the police officers, the female aggressor is around 60-65 years old, massive body-building, wearing several clothes, including a black long skirt, black sweater, black cap, black boots and beige purse. He was carrying another black coat on her arm.

Judiciary sources said the suspect would have told the 42yo woman: “You cannot get rid of me”.

According to the Police spokeswoman, Diana Sarca, the threat would have also included some words referring to the alleged aggressor’s children, that they would have died.

The Police also revealed the photos with the suspect, captured on the video cameras in the subway.

New security measures announced

Metrorex has informed on Friday that the metro train’s drivers have been re-instructed to pay extra attention when trains are approaching the subway platforms and to take all precautionary measures to brake in due time in emergency situations.

Besides, the Romanian subway operator called on passengers to keep the distance from the edge of the platform. “To avoid unpleasant incidents, Metrorex and the Romanian Police recommend all passengers to keep their distance from the edge of the platform, which is marked hy a safety line.

In its turn, the Police informed that police officers are patrolling int he tube stations, but out of uniform, while urging citizens to file complaints when they are feeling in danger.

Transport minister vows platform screen doors in the subway

On the other hand, amid heavy debates over the latest crime case in the Bucharest subway, when a woman pushed another one in front of the metro line, resulting in her death, Transport minister Felix Stroe announced in Parliament that the tube stations in Bucharest will be equipped with platform screen doors for the citizens’ safety as of the second part of 2018.

Therefore, the subway platforms will be equipped with glass shields to separate platforms from the train. Similar protections systems are already widely used in other metro stations in Europe or Asia, precisely to prevent such tragedies.

There will be full height platform screen doors which match the exact size of the metro cars, as you have probably seen in airports or in the subways abroad. The doors made of non-shatterable glass will be closed as long as there are no trains in the station, and the doors will open at the same time with the doors of the trains,” minister Stroe explained.

He added that Metrorex is looking for funds so that the platform screen doors to be set up in the second quarter of 2018.

The crime in the subway early this week had a strong impact on the passengers travelling by metro. A photo shot be a passenger today at Basarab station and sent to Digi 24 reveals that everyone waiting for the train was leant against the wall.

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