New Polar Cyclone Brings Snow and Frost Across Romania

The weather takes a new radical shift, as a new polar cyclone hits Romania again. From today the temperatures drop sharply and from the second part of the day, the rain turns into snow in almost the whole country. It will also snow in Bucharest.

“Today we are witnessing a significant cooling of the weather in the northern half of the country, where temperatures will become normal for the period we are in. There will be precipitation in all regions, and if today at the beginning until lunchtime precipitation will be in the form of rain and passing sleet in the west, center, north, northeast, starting from the second part of the day, they will turn into snow. While in the south and southeast of the territory, the sky it will be variable throughout the day, in the evening and at night there will be clouds. When there is precipitation it will be in the form of rain and especially in the second part of the night and in the south and southeast, including in Bucharest, the rains will turn in the snow. The snow will continue on Saturday locally in the southern half of the territory, but it should be noted that the snow on Saturday will be small in quantity,” said Oana Catrina, ANM meteorologist.

As of today it will cool significantly in the northern half of the country where there will be mixed precipitation, while in the south it will rain and there will be temperatures of up to 15 degrees.

In the mountains, precipitation will gradually turn into snow, a new layer of snow will be deposited, and the wind will blow at 80 km/h. Tomorrow, the cooling of the weather will also be felt in the southern half of the country where it will snow. Then the weather will calm down. It will remain cold, the nights will become frosty, and there will be fog in low-lying areas. The snow will return only on Monday night.

Snowfalls expected in Bucharest as well

On Saturday morning it will start snowing in Bucharest, and by the afternoon a layer of snow of ten centimeters will be deposited, warned the meteorologists who issued a special forecast for the Capital. Moreover, the snow will cover the entire country, reported ANM today.

From Saturday at 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. it will continue to snow, so the snow cover will be on average 10 cm. The wind will generally blow moderately, with speeds of 40…45 km/h. The weather will cool down significantly, and the maximum temperature will be 1…2 degrees.

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