New restrictions might be enforced as of August 1

The Government might take new measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus infections, with PM Ludovic Orban saying that proposals will be submitted today and adopted in the government sitting on Wednesday.

Among the new restrictions that might be enforced as of August 1 there is wearing the facemask in open air, crowded spaces but also the limitation of the programme for certain terraces and clubs.

The only talks are about limiting the programme in clubs and terraces, but only in certain areas where the risk of infection is high, so not at national level. There will be a little bit clearer rules for the beaches, for there is a high epidemiological risk at the beach, and also we have a proposal to remove the exception to the social distancing restriction for the members of a family, so we propose that the social distancing should be enforced to all members of the family, except for the children. At the same time, there is the discussion to enforce the obligation of wearing facemasks in crowded open spaces”, said PM Ludovic Orban.

The PM mentioned that masks will be mandatory in crowded areas, for instance the seafronts, markets or fairs, but the measures will be enforced locally, if necessary.

“For instance, we have been announced that at the seafronts in Galati, or Braila, there is overcrowding, where the interaction among people is very close and the only solution to reduce the epidemiological risk is to wear facemasks“, Orban added.

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