New restrictions to contain coronavirus upward trend: Facemasks mandatory in outdoor crowded spaces, terraces close at 23:00hrs

The National Committee for Emergency Situations has approved on Tuesday several measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus infections.

Among the new restrictions there is also the one saying that wearing facemasks in outdoor crowded spaces is compulsory. The measure is enforceable in the crowded areas during certain time frames, with children under five and people performing intense physical activity being excepted.

At the same time, terraces have to close at 23:00hrs, likewise the gambling houses.

The business operators who are in these businesses are compelled to take measures to limit the number of customers to the number of available seats. Activities which involve physical interaction, such dance, are also banned.

As for the beach, the distance under 2 metres between people or sun loungers is allowed only in the case of husbands and wives and children accompanied by adults (parents or grandparents).

PM Ludovic Orban has explained the new measure on Wednesday morning, saying that no premise is being closed, but certain activities, such as terraces will be closed after 23:00hrs, as there is a higher risk of contagion here after that hour.

“We are still analysing if to enforce these measures countrywide or only in certain areas, such as at the seaside, in Bucharest or in those counties where there is higher number of Covid-19 cases”, Orban said.

Bucharest deputy mayor Aurelian Badulescu has proposed that pedestrians should wear face masks also in the Bucharest’s Old Town when they are walking, not on the terraces. A final decision is due on Monday.

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