Newly acquired F-16s take part in ‘SCORPIONS FURY-16’ exercise at Cincu shooting range

National Defence Minister Mihnea Motoc has said on Tuesday at the Cincu shooting range in Brasov County, where he attended the ‘SCORPIONS FURY-16′ multinational exercise, that this was a truly special exercise in which, as a first, the recently purchased F-16 aircraft also participated.

“I have seen a truly special exercise and I am satisfied with what I have seen as maneuvers at the Distinguished Visitors’ Day within the ‘SCORPIONS FURY-16’ exercise. From the information and the discussions I had, the actual exercise was carried out at the same performance parameters. There are four-five outstanding things that can be said about this exercise. It is for the first time when the Rovine 2nd Infantry Brigade participates in the stage of construction, transition to the Multinational Brigade proposed to our allies and which was validated in the Warsaw Summit. Secondly, this brigade is one of the best prepared, well staffed and with high-quality fighting technique of the Land Forces. Thirdly, as a first, we notice the participation in this exercise of the recently purchased aircraft, the F-16, which, as it could be seen, fit in this exercise very well and I can say it was an outstanding participation, alongside MIG aircraft, PUMA Socat helicopters and the Spartan aircraft,” Minister Motoc said.

The Defence Minister also noted that the shooting range at Cincu is an exceptional range in Europe, allowing the unfolding of such forces, as well as some multiple exercises, Agerpres informs.

The ‘SCORPIONS FURY-16′, taking place during October 26 – November 2, at the “Getica” Land Forces’ Battle Training Centre, counts on the participation of approximately 1,300 servicemen from Canada, Germany, the Republic of Moldova and Romania, with 200 technical means and 13 aircraft belonging to the Romanian Air Forces. The exercise planner is the Multinational Division South-East Command, Romania being represented in this exercise by about 1,000 servicemen, most from the Rovine 2nd Infantry Brigade.

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