NGO: Nearly half of Romanian pupils were bullied at school

Almost 50% of Romanian pupils were victims of bullying in schools, and 27% admit that they were aggressors, according to a survey conducted by Salvati Copiii/Save the Children Romania organization on a sample of almost 4,450 pupils aged 10 to 18, most of them coming from urban schools.

While 99% of respondents are familiar with the term bullying, 82% of them confessed that they witnessed bullying situations in their school, and almost three quarters (73%) stated that they witnessed bullying situations in the classroom.

Nearly half of the respondents (49%) specified that they were victims of bullying, while 1 in 10 said that they were often or very often in such situations.

“Social media networks are pointed as an environment where children frequently witness bullying situations. 79% of them said that they had witnessed such situations, and 45% that they witnessed cyber-bullying often or very often,” the study shows.

84% of the students stated that, in bullying situations, they actively intervened to support the victim. 34% of them said that they were passive witnessed to bullying.

Three quarters of children (74%) claim that they talk to adults about bullying situations, and 22% of them say that they do this rarely or very rarely.

More than three quarters of the respondents (77%) say that, in bullying situations, the adult who intervenes is the teacher, 51% say it was the school principal was prompted in, 42% indicate other teaching staff, other students (35%), the teacher on duty (25%), the school counselor (18%), while 2 % of respondents claim that no one intervenes in such situations.

“Bullying is an extremely dangerous fact, which traumatizes all the actors involved: the victim, the aggressor and the silent witness. Situations of harassment and violence paralyze normal social reactions and leave marks on children’s emotional health. It is important to recognize the signs, to speak with the children and to carry out activities that will teach them to play together, to collaborate and to build positive social relations,” the executive president of the Salvati Copiii/Save the Children Romania organization, Gabriela Alexandrescu, said.

The NGO further mentioned that one child out of three faced anxiety and needed counseling and psycho-emotional support, the percentage rising to over 50% in the case of teenagers, leading to extremely serious consequences, such as suicide attempts.

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