Oncology Support Centre by Sus Inima, from June in Bucharest

The Sus Inima Association will inaugurate, in June 2023, an oncology support center in Bucharest, the third such unit in Romania. The aim of these centers is to support people with an oncological diagnosis by providing them with free oncology navigators, one-to-one psychotherapy, second opinion, art therapy, social workers and opportunities to socialize.

The activity of the Sus Inima Oncology Support Centers is oriented in two directions. On the one hand, we offer anyone with an oncological diagnosis a place to come, without an appointment, between 09:30-15:30, and socialize or spend time in a pleasant and safe place. On the other hand, after prior appointment, they receive free dedicated support from oncology navigators, support groups, nutritionists, and social workers. They are also offered art therapy sessions and can enjoy socializing. We place a very high emphasis on the quality of our services, the specialists we work with and the space itself. Our aim is to support people with an oncologic diagnosis, to provide them with all the comfort they need, and we also work with their families and friends”, says Carmen Chindriș, Executive Director of Sus Inima.

The Sus Inima Oncology Support Centre in Bucharest, currently under development, is the third in Romania after the ones in Sibiu, inaugurated in 2019, its services extended this year, and Timisoara, opened in March 2023.

The center is located four minutes away from the Sus Inima House in Bucharest, inaugurated in November 2020, located on Luigi Cazzavillan Street in Sector 1, where people with oncological diagnoses who are undergoing radiotherapy and have nowhere to live during their treatment are accommodated free of charge. The first Sus Inima House was inaugurated in 2019 in Sibiu.

In 2022, the Sus Inima Association offered, in the two Sus Inima Houses and through the Oncology Support Centers, 4,385 nights of accommodation to people with oncological diagnosis undergoing radiotherapy; 3,212 hot meals; 1,429 one-to-one therapy sessions; 64 support groups; 24 art therapy sessions; 30 nutrition plans; 48 second opinion cases; guided 660 people through the oncology navigators and supported 17 people guided by the oncology navigator by covering the costs of surgery and specialized treatments abroad.

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