Other 14 Romanians managed to reach Kabul airport, to be evacuated from Afghanistan

Other 14 Romanians managed to reach the Kabul Airport on Friday and are waiting to be evacuated from Afghanistan, the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed. There are Romanians who could not be taken until now because they failed to reach the safe area. Another Romanian citizen was taken a day ago.

On Friday morning, a group of 14 Romanian citizens was transferred to Kabul International Airport, according to the MFA. They are now safe inside the airport and ready for air evacuation.

“The 14 Romanian citizens are employees of a security company with activities in Afghanistan. They were  in a military base outside the international airport until Friday morning, but they were eventually transferred to the airport as a result of extremely complex and difficult steps taken since the beginning of this week by the authorities, within the Inter-institutional Crisis Cell, in coordination and with the support of some international partners of Romania and in cooperation with the employing company ”, the ministry told in a press release.

The 14 Romanian citizens will be evacuated with the next flight of the Romanian military aircraft currently stationed in Islamabad.

Other 17 Romanian citizens who are in Afghanistan but who did not request repatriation have their own evacuation plans, established by their employers, the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, told Digi24.

They will return to the country with flights provided by the companies they work for.

“I informed them about the evacuation opportunities when the military plane arrived at Kabul airport, but they said that they prefer to use the evacuation plans they already have at their disposal,”  FM Aurescu said.

According to the minister, in addition to the 14 who are currently at the airport in Kabul, there is only another Romanian citizen who has requested evacuation. He is working for a UN program and is trying with an UN convoy to get to the airport safely.

The minister added that it is difficult for people to get to Kabul airport because there are a number of obstacles, checkpoints, which are controlled by various factions of the Taliban movement.

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