Over 50% of young Romanians who chose universities abroad went to the U.S. and 35% to Europe

More than 50% of the former high school students who joined the Youni community and chose to study at universities outside the country this year took the plane to the United States of America, many of them already starting their courses at famous educational institutions top such as Harvard, Columbia, NY University or Fordham University.

In second place in the ranking of choices are universities in Europe (especially the Netherlands, Germany and Italy), where 35% of the students mentored by Youni choose to continue their studies. The number who chose Britain this year was 5%. The United Kingdom, although among the favorite destinations of graduates in other years, has fallen in preference after Brexit, with access to study funding more restrictive for international students.

5% of the students were accepted for studies outside Romania in Asian states or Australia.

Overall, since its establishment until now, Youni, an edtech company that invests in the formation of an international ecosystem of personal development and mentoring for young people who want to study abroad, has helped more than 3000 students to get to a university outside the country.

This year alone, Youni has obtained over 18 million USD in scholarships and financial aid from universities outside the country for future Romanian students.Recently the company expanded its activity outside the country, in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, three other markets being included in the future development plan of operations – Hungary, Croatia and Bulgaria.

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