Pakistani citizen, declared undesirable 10 years for propaganda in favour of terrorist entities

The Bucharest Court of Appeal has ruled on Tuesday to declare Pakistani citizen Shahzad Ahmed undesirable in Romania for 10 years, as the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) found out that he conducted propaganda in the virtual environment in favour of several terrorist entities.

According to a press release issued by the Romanian Intelligence Service, Shahzad Ahmed, who was in Romania as applicant for the right of residence, based on the marriage with a Romanian citizen, came into the attention of SRI in late 2015, when he illegally entered the country.

“Following the informative-operative operations conducted, it was determined that the person carried out activities which, according to the legal framework for counterterrorism, represent security risks and threats to the national security. Specifically, the Pakistani had carried out propaganda activities in the virtual environment, in favour of several terrorist entities operating in his country of origin, claiming the supremacy of extremist Islam, inciting to global jihad, while being concerned about learning to manufacture improvised explosive devices and their components,” SRI informs.

Upon the SRI proposal the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Court of Appeal has notified the Bucharest Court of Appeal, which ordered the declaration of undesirability for Shahzad Ahmed, for involvement in deeds which, according to art. 3, letter “i” and “I” of Law 51/1991 (republished) represent threats to national security.


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